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The revised Point Richmond Shores project was approved by the Richmond City Council in June of 2007.  It is a far better plan than the one that was presented nearly three years ago. 

The changed plan, with its lower density, improved circulation, and building design has come at a significant cost in time, effort, and money. 

We now need your support in a tangible way.

Please send your tax deductible donation today to:

CCCPR/The Rose Foundation
1437 Sandpiper Spit
Pt. Richmond, CA 94801

We are asking for a contribution of at least $200 from every household in the community, and request significantly more from those who can afford it. Contributions are tax deductible.

The new project offers benefits to all of us who live in this community:

  • This superior project, lower in density and more harmonious with other Brickyard Cove area dwellings will add value to every property in the Cove.
  • The Bay Trail and shoreline amenities will provide recreational opportunities and access to wonderful views of the Bay.
  • As a result of the engagement of this Community in the process, the City Council has stated that no significant development will be introduced to this community without first holding a charrette to elicit community comments prior to design.

Please show your support for the hard work, and large expenditures of money, largely in legal fees, that were required.

Individual Email Addresses of City Council members

Mayor Gayle McLaughlin
Councilmember Jim Rogers
Councilmember Tom Butt
Councilmember Nathaniel Bates
Councilmember Maria Viramontes
Councilmember Tony K. Thurmond
Councilmember John E. Marquez
Councilmember Harpreet Sandhu 
Councilmember Ludmyrna Lopez

City Staff
City Manager Bill Lindsay:
Richard Mitchell:
Janet Harbin:
Mary Renfro:
Lamont Thompson:

Email Addresses for Richmond, California's Elected Officials

Councilmember Jim Rogers
Councilmember Tom Butt
Councilmember Tom Butt

Councilmember Tony Thurmond

Councilmember John E. Marquez

Councilmember Maria Viramontes
Councilmember Maria Viramontes

Councilmember Lucmyrna Lopez

Councilmember Harpreet Sandhu 

Councilmember Nathanial Bates
Councilmember Nathaniel Bates

Additional Contact Information for Richmond, California's Elected Officials

Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor

City Hall
1401 Marina Way South
Richmond, CA 94804

620-6503 (W)
412-2070 (Fax)

Jim Rogers, Councilmember

162 Lakeshore Court
Richmond, CA 94804

867-5725 (Ofc)
444-4460 (Fax)

Nathaniel Bates, Councilmember

300 Seaview Drive
Richmond, CA 94801

620-6743 (Ofc)
620-6542 (Fax)

John E. Marquez,

5061 Buckboard Way
Richmond, CA 94803


Thomas K. Butt, Councilmember

235 East Scenic Avenue
Richmond, CA 94801

236-7435 (W)
237-2084 (H)
232-5325 (Fax)

Maria Viramontes, Councilmember

P.O. Box 266
Station A
Richmond, CA 94808

236-5977 (H)
236-9260 (Fax)

Tony K. Thurmond, Councilmember

P.O. Box 1656, Richmond, CA 94802

620-6542 (Fax)

Ludmyrna Lopez, Councilmember

1401 Marina Way South
Richmond, CA 94804


Council Meetings
Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers, City Hall. Televised on KCRT,  Channel 28